THE THEREMIN HOMEPAGE Jason Barile's wonderfully comprehensive site; lots of history; technical info/schematics; bibliography; RCA registry; lots of links; and even more!
DAVE'S THEREMIN HOMEPAGE David Miller's excellent site; tips on obtaining good sound, tuning, customizing theremins, history, lots of links, etc. Dave's careful sleuthing has debunked the myth of a "theremin" in the Beach Boys "Good Vibrations." Read Dave's exciting interview with Paul O. W. Tanner and learn about "Paul's Box."
THEREMINVOX Valerio Saggini's site for news and issues regarding the theremin and other theremin-related instruments.
ETHEREAL ESOTERICA 137 Charlie Lester's eclectic site. Many interesting topics on theremins, customizing speakers, and Charlie's other interests in pipe organs, vacuum cleaners, beans, UFO's, etc. The Theremin Photo Gallery offers a look at different types of theremins.
THEREMIN.INFO Schematics, articles, forums, and other resources.
ART'S THEREMIN PAGE Visit Art Harrison's site and learn about his many theremin projects including infrared theremins he developed. Check out his photos as well as articles on playing perspectives, etc.
ROGER'S THEREMIN PAGE Roger Ballenger's site featuring practice exercises, photos of theremin technique, links, and more.
LEVNET Read about the theremin maillist discussion group and how to subscribe.
THEREMINRING       A webring linking to multiple theremin sites. Easy access to a lot of theremin-related information. Check the Ring's INDEX for a complete listing of participating theremin sites.
MONSTROUS MOVIE MUSIC Info about classic science-fiction and horror film music and recordings for sale.
MOOG MUSIC Bob Moog's company in Asheville, NC. Maker of the Etherwave and Ethervox theremins and accessories. Formerly Bigbriar.
WAVEFRONT TECHNOLOGIES Mark Segal's company in Los Angeles. Maker of travel and cabinet theremins and interface modules.
PAiA ELECTRONICS, INC. The Edmond, OK company and maker of the Theremax theremin kit.

MUSICAL SAW LINKS Visit Peter Wentworth's informative site. Musical saws for purchase. Learn about saw events around the country and in the West Peoria, Illinois area; links to other sawplayers, etc.
DIE SINGENDE SÄGE Alfons Eschle's musical saw page in Switzerland.  Choose from German and English versions. Sawplaying tips, soundfiles, photos.
Information about the oldest professional musical saw company and their products.
The late Charlie Blacklock was a California sawplayer with his own line of musical saws and a C&W band. He was the longtime host of the annual Sawplayers Picnic at Roaring Camp (near Santa Cruz) that continues each August for sawyers and other acoustic musicians. Blacklock saws are still available for sale.

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